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It can be a most strenuous activity to train your dog manually and pet parent knows it well. It is also a part of training to teach him to respect the boundaries of your property. This is an exact need where a wireless dog fence and training collar combo comes in for the rescue and training. A good containment system keeps your dog safe and secure while keeping them within the boundary. After getting a good containment system, you would no longer need to chase your dogs. And when you get combo a fencing system with a training collar, you can use that for the basic training of your dog at home, which will save you money and time. we recently crate a greate source of wireless fences for small dogs, visit if you own a small four-legged friend.

Is it worth investing in combo system?

Investing in the wireless dog fence and training collar combo which come with remote trainer can be your second hand in reprimanding your pet, exactly the transmitter with the rechargeable battery that act as remote and it is highly portable. From the combo you can use the transmitter as remote to teach your dog the basics and other many of things without leaving your seat.

For house hold parents it is really hard to change the systems again and again like the facing system is one that you dog needs to wear every time, so when you need o train your dog you need to change the collar that may become hectic after some time. But when you buy a wireless dog fence and training collar combo which comes with remote that you can use to send corrections to your dog when he is now following your commands.

With a good combo system there is no need to change the collar, the same fencing system collar offer the functionality of training collar, here it did not offer the full scope of training but function and corrections possible with combo systems are enough for house hold parents.

Read this article till end as we evaluate and list best combos here,


    • 2-in-1, this is a two in one system a good reliable wireless dog fence and remote training system
    • Range, it offers a maximum effective range of 1968 ft which is enough to cover the fencing of large and strangely shaped properties and also for training of dog at your home or park
    • Training remote, it is easy to switch the mode with just one button you convert it to a fence system and from fence system to the training system
    • Fully customizable, they feature in all of three functions in the collars sound, vibration and static correction that is fully configurable from level one to six
    • Work with three dogs, it supports maximum of three dogs and you can individually work with each dog
    • Reliable batteries, both transmitter and collars are equipped with reliable batteries which provide long operational hours.
    • Waterproof and reflective collar, yes collars are made environment-friendly and they are waterproof IPX67 and dustproof IP65, they use reflective belts to keep your pooch safe at night, with reflective straps dogs remain visible to owners.
    • Standby mode, when the collar is not in used it switched to the standby mode automatically to save the battery.
    • Size of collars, they made it in a way to fit every neck size in dogs


    • Wireless Dog Containment System
    • Activity and Training System
    • Full functions are accessible from the mobile app
    • Provides effective containment radios of 2 acres
    • Durable, waterproof and rechargeable receiver
    • Enhanced functions of bark limiter

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    • Benefits of using wireless dog fence and training collar combo
    • Remote with the large distance coverage with the maximum radius of 500 meters
    • Collars are fully configurable with sound and static correction
    • Can add an unlimited number of dogs
    • The transmitter is portable and can be used for training purpose.

Essentials to Consider

There are few very specific features that you must consider before buying any of the combo systems like,

Waterproof collar

Yes, it is essential the lowest waterproof certification is IPX6, which means the device is waterproof up to a meter depth. It will give your dog the liberty to play with the water and rain and even he can swim. When you are on the bay with your dog no need to worry for the moisture to get through. It will save your collar from malfunctioning and make that a long-lasting device. Most of the good systems withstand up to five feet in depth.

Size of collar

The collars good with the adjustment setting from 8 to 28 inches are best because you can use these collars for multiple breeds and even for other small pets like cats. Usually, straps of these collars are additionally available and you can buy that but minimum and highest number of neck size also matter a lot. Also, look for the adjustment options in the collar.


Definitely, when you are investing for a combo system you are paying more than 100 dollars that is really a good amount so check for the durability of the product, or select one which offers the money-back guaranty and a lifetime warranty as with these options your investment will remain secure and you will feel a peace of mind. It is necessary as dogs spend most of their time outside and devices exposed to many elements and so a poor-quality device many not withstand.

Batteries (capacity/rechargeable/disposable)

A combo means both the collar and device have batteries so it is essential to know the size and capacity of batteries, good and large batteries give you more time in the field so prefer to buy the system with good batteries, there are only few models which offer replaceable batteries options, built-in batteries used by most of the manufacturers.  Recharging time also matter go for the option which can be fully charged in a maximum one hour.

Benefits of using wireless dog fence and training collar combo

Advancement in the technology make the wireless fencing system better and reliable and updated systems offer under listed benefits,


These fences are completely wireless and there is not use of poles, wires and netting/hedges. To create the boundary, it depends on the signal strength of transmitter which create a boundary in the circular radios at your property. The distance of boundary remains in your control in shape of signal strength which you can set from your transmitter.

Easy to install

You may not need to go through the instructions on the manual as these systems are easy to setup and may take only minutes. But if you do not know anything then the manual with each product is enough to know how to do it.

Effective and Affordable

These combo systems are based on the very simple technology and work really good in field, these systems will not allow your dog to cross the boundary and even intelligent to detect the reentry and never send corrections on the reentry. These will cost only a fraction of the cost of physical fence and every dog owner can afford these.

These systems are although small but that does not mean they are ineffective once you set the range that remain in effect until you change that. Programing the unit is easy as only few functions are there to program.

Good training tool

These combos are really good for the training purpose even these do not offer all the benefits of dedicated training systems but offer basic function which are more than enough for a house hold dog owner. You can use these for behavior modification and to teach the basics to your dog.

Final Thoughts

Wireless dog fence and training collar combo are good especially when you are in need of a fencing system and want some functions of training. we do not recommend these combo systems especially for the training purpose as these are limited in fuction and do not offer all the benefits. So if you are buying it for training purpose then prefer to buy a professional dog training system. As a fencing system with the additioal capabilitie of training these system are really good choice for house holds. 

It can save you in cost but professionally we do not recommend using wireless fence and training combo product for the training purpose: the reason is very clear the remotes are large that you cannot hide and when dog associates you with the shock while seeing a shock causing device in your hand it negatively associate the trainer. Obviously it brings the opposite results. Choose a combo for wireless fencing only and buy a cost-effective option from the training collars that come with sleek remotes that are easy to hide in the palm. 

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