5 Best Wireless Fence for Small Dogs Which are Safe and Trustworthy

Small dogs are hard to handle, especially when they are in a good mood and want to explore more. Like a small dog is playing in the yard and suddenly you found that he is not there and then the stringent process of a searching kick in; that usually takes hours and bring a lot of pressure as well as tension that a dog owner feels at that time, it cannot be expressed in words.

Threats are bigger out there for smaller dogs than the large dogs like there can be an accident on the road and large dogs can harm them and sometimes, kids too, for many of small dogs it’s tough to move quickly is another hardship for them.

The best wireless fence for small dogs can be an authentic solution to keep your small friend limited to boundaries.

Wireless dog fences effectively keep the small dogs in the yard, especially in a house where there are no physical boundary fences installed. Wireless dog fences are effective in terms of keeping a dog in the yard. They use a base station whom we call a transmitter, and a wearable collar. When the dog wearing a collar crosses the specific limit, the transmitter sends a warning later on a correction.

Let’s have a look at our top recommendations of the best wireless fence for small dogs:

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Modern wireless dog fences for small dogs allow to set a warning area; this is an area where the dog will only get an audio warning in the shape of a beep or stimulation in the form of vibration, both of these are not harmful to small dogs. 

After that, if the dog does not change his course then a static correction is delivered, and the dog keeps receiving that correction until he remains in the danger zone.

That is usually out of the boundary limit set by the user. When the collar moves out the established boundary of that transmitter, the collar gives the dog a shock. This teaches the dog to remain within the boundary that they’ll eventually come to recognize. 

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What is best wireless fence for small dogs?

A wireless fence is easy to set up just place the transmitter at one sidewall of the yard and then set the required limit along with warnings and correction; after that, only need to keep the collar charged. 

But it’s not so simple when buying such a device for a small dog a dog owner needs to consider a lot of things like:

  • Size of receiver/collar: yes, it is the main difference between regular wireless fences and wireless fences for small dogs. Little pups cannot carry weight on their neck, so the first preference should be given to a lightweight collar that will not add any significant burden on the neck. Having a large collar for a chihuahua or Yorkshire terrier can be the worst decision.
  • Quality of contact points: it matters too because hard and long contact points can badly hurt small dogs. Your preference should be small-size silicone contact points that are considered safe for dogs. Long contact points will pinch into the dog’s skin and may leave burn marks while right size silicone contact points will keep the small pup comfortable.
  • Powerful vibration: if a small dog is trained well, then there is no need to configure a wireless fence for static correction. Just different levels of vibration can bring the required results, so look for configurable vibration levels at-least from one to five.
  • Gentle static correction: small dogs cannot bear the 1.5V 1AMP that is usually used for full-size dogs; our small four-legged friends respond positively to weak corrections. A wireless fence with a configurable static correction from 1 to 10 is best for small dogs. 
  • Allow to set warning area: it will be cruel if the small friend gets static correction directly, look for modern systems which allow setting correction area as warning zone, this is the setting and area where the only warning is sent to receiver from transmitter so the small dog will get a chance to avoid static correction.
  • Shock less re-entry: most of the cheap systems send a static correction when dogs come back to the yard when they enter into the limit they receive a static correction. But yes, few advanced systems can detect re-entry and do not correct the small dog. 
  • Portability: it’s an option if you need to use the system in your backyard then you can have a system that comes without battery option of the fixed installation, but if you are a small dog owner who loves to enjoy the company of dog in gardens, on vacations, at camping site then undoubtedly you need to buy a portable option so to set a boundary for your dog where-ever you want.
  • Security feature: look for modern devices in which receivers are equipped with a security feature that prevents continued activation and restricts the stimulus to an extent. this feature can disable the device when the dog receives a number of corrections in a row that helps to keep the dog safe from being harmed.

Well, if you have finally made your mind to buy one for your small four-legged friend, then we suggest picking any from below listed. 

Because these are carefully selected for small dogs and comes with long-lasting batteries that last more than two weeks and these wireless fences are all-weather systems that will not decrease effective coverage area in bad weather. 

These two features are very important because, due to your busy schedule, you may not charge a collar daily, and it will be ridiculous to search your dog when the system stops working in the rain.

While on the other side, we only listed products from the manufacturers who also sell collars individually. So, when you need to add another dog to your system, you have to buy an additional collar only, and when there is a need to replace the old collar, you can buy a new one conveniently.

5 Best Wireless Dog Fences for Small Dogs

Dozens of systems are available offline and in the online marketplace, but only a few of them are suitable for small dogs; we tested and reviewed more than twenty products that meet our criteria and finally select five best to list. Let’s move on to the product:

Best Wireless Fence for Small Dogs

best wireless fence for small dogs

  • Ideal for small dogs 8lb and above, the collar is ideal for 6 inches and above.
  • Range, 1/2 acres, 90 feet in a circular radius.
  • Battery life, more than two months.

PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System is the most competent solution available in the market which is trusted by thousands of dog owners. Made by a competent manufacturer while keeping in view small dogs. It provides the ability to add unlimited pets to the system. Once you set a boundary, each of your pets will need collars available through many vendors.  Its adjustable circular radius allows creating a secure barrier for the dogs around the yard to keep the pets contained within your property without burying wires.

The main unite/transmitter is equipped with a battery, and it’s lightweight enough to carry, so you may keep it with you where you need to mark boundaries. While on the other side, its collar/receiver is waterproof. Your dog will have the liberty to enjoy the freedom and can play in the water or may enjoy swimming. 

A few of its salient features are:

  • Easy to setup.
  • Ideal for camping and vacation homes.
  • Static-free re-entry.
  • Replaceable batteries in the collar.

Many dog owners are using this electric wireless fence with sound the only mode, yes it’s possible when you train your dog well, and five-level of static correction provides the ability to select the right static correction level where your dog responds. It makes the first spot on our list because it’s a system that can be used for dogs and cats. From a single system, you can mark the boundary for all of your small four-paws friends.

For large properties where you want to cover the whole property, you will need more transmitter units and can setup up to three transmitters to cover the entire home.

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Top Rated Wireless Fence for Small Dogs

  • Ideal for small dogs, the collar is ideal for 7 inches and above.
  • Range, 300 meters, approx. 1000 feet.
  • Battery life, more than two weeks normally. It lasts for a month.

Blingbling Petsfun Electric Wireless Dog Fence System for Dogs is equipped to use a 2.4 GHz wireless frequency for communication, which is considered more secure and stable. Only a few manufacturers are making devices that use this frequency in communication. This frequency can penetrate through walls and small obstacles; this fence is getting high ratings in each of the feedback.

Either you own small or large dogs, this wireless fencing system is suitable for all because its modes are fully configurable and easy to set up. You need to pair the collars, and when you select a radius after that, adjusting the stimulus, and you are set. So hardly will it take 10 to 15 minutes to set up and run this system completely?

Unlike other radiofrequency systems, it does not allow the addition of unlimited collars/pets. It communicates individually with each collar. At the maximum, you can add three collars with a single transmitter. Even three collars work without matching. The low and humane shock will not hurt the small dogs.

It comes with the training material, so no need to buy anything additional.

Budget Friendly Electric wireless Dog Fence

  • Ideal for small dogs, the collar is ideal for 8 inches and above.
  • Range, 500 meters, approx. 1600 feet.
  • Battery life, more than two weeks normally, low power consumption collars.

FOCUSER Electric Wireless Dog Fence System is the most cost-effective wireless fence system in the market for small dogs that are already trusted by hundreds of dog owners. It is suitable for 10lb and above so that it can be useful for any dog. The collar is fully waterproof and can be used anywhere. 

The range is effective, and a small obstacle does not disturb the range—ideal for any size property. The digital display makes it easy to set the preferred mode and select a radius that you need.

We like it because the collars are configurable from 1 to 10 levels that mean easily you can find a preferred strength of the static shock where your dog starts to respond. Minimum, you can select 25 meters radius that allows using this device in the small houses, and the maximum range is enough for farmhouses and open properties.

The advanced receiver is equipped with the batter, so it’s portable, and its compact size makes it possible to carry it in hand when you are on the move or need to market boundary on a camping site or vacation home.

Its also equipped with a safety chip that will keep your small pup safe from continuous stimulation.

Best 2-in-1 Electric Pet Containment System


  • Ideal for highly configurable can be used for any size dog; the collar is ideal for any neck size.
  • Range, 98 to 1968 feet for fence and 984 feet as a trainer.
  • More than two weeks normally on fencing, battery life can be less when used as a trainer.

Hokita Dog Fence Wireless & Training Collar Outdoor 2-in-1, Electric Pet Containment System can be used as a trainer where the transmitter acts remotely. Its collars are equipped with all three functions beep, vibrations, and static correction. Each of these functions is individually configurable and good to use for any size dog; you own a small dog or a large one.

You can comfortably train your dog with this system. Also, it’s a competent fence that can cover a large area and effective in all weather.

It depends on a 2.4 GHz wireless frequency, which is advanced and more secure, and stable. It allows the use of warning modes only, and you may configure it for warning first and then a static correction that will continue until the dog returns to the property.

Its contact points are equipped with a silica gel sheath that will reduce the impact and keep the dog skin safe from burning. It’s water-resistant as well as dustproof. The low battery indicator will keep you aware of when to recharge the collars. 

The reflective strips on the collar keep the dog visible in low light.

It’s an all-terrain product and made with environment-friendly material.

Futuristic Design Best Wireless Fence for Small Dogs

  • Ideal for small, medium, and large dogs, the collar is ideal for 8 inches and above.
  • Range, 990 feet on both training and fencing.
  • Battery life, more than two weeks while on training it will depend on usage.

WIEZ Wireless Dog Fence is a futuristic design that is equipped with two wireless antennas that provide excellent connectivity and keep the collar connected uninterruptedly. We like it and give it a spot even it’s new because the transmitter is equipped with individual buttons for quick selection and adjustment that make the operations easy.

It’s possible to add three collars with the transmitter, and in training, a trainer can control all three collars individually. 

Its connectivity depends on 2.4 GHz wireless frequency, which is robust and the most advanced to use. All of its three functions are highly configurable, so you can have it on a minimum correction to apply for a small dog. The collar and receiver are lightweight and compact. Your small pup will not feel any burden on the neck.

This little device is packed with many features, which is not possible with any other device.

What are limitations of Wireless Fence System for Small Dogs

If you invest in the right quality product, then surely your dog will remain safe, but; yes, just like every gadget, wireless fence systems also have some limitations, which are:

  • Circular boundary: their boundary limit cannot be set to the irregular, you can set that in radius, and it will cover the same area all around in the shape of a circle, so these are good for yard and large properties. On the yard side, you can effectively monitor your dog’s boundary limit with such a system but cannot set or mart exact boundaries for irregular properties.
  • Only work in an open area: they are good to use in open areas like yard and incapable to handle obstacle like walls, they are dependent on the frequency which is safe for humans and animal, that is not good to penetrate through the walls. So when using one, you have to install it on the open side where the full yard remains visible to the device.

Does an electric wireless fence really work for small dogs?

During our research, we read many dog owners and groups saying that an electric wireless fence is not made for small dogs, or they are not safe for small dogs; it’s not correct. Like the number one listing is made for dogs of 8lbs and above, which means it can be used for small and toy breeds, which usually weigh between 8 to 10 pounds. 

While using an electric dog fence, a dog owner needs to configure the stimulus carefully during setup and train the dog well; then there is no point in worrying about the safety of dogs.

These modern systems made to keep the dogs safe, and they provide only gentle shock that does not harm small friends.

Would a Wireless Dog Fence Work Indoor?

No, they do not work inside an apartment or a home. They depend on a frequency that cannot cross through walls and other obstacles. They are not effective for inside and not advised to use inside. Unfortunately, not a manufacturer is making devices inside the home. 

You can only limit the outside boundaries with a wireless electric dog fence. 

How to Train Your Small Dog for a Wireless Fence?

Training is a significant part when you have to depend on the electric wireless dog fence to keep the small dogs contained in your boundary. Without training, your small friend cannot recognize which boundary to follow and how to react when a warning or stimulation is provided.

Dogs are good learners, but they cannot learn independently; to learn, they need to be trained, and they need a guide. Like when training your dog, you need to act that you want from him. It’s not a tough part, but surely it will take a few sessions and time.

It’s not simple to put on a collar and let your dog obey the boundary; this is why the manufacturers listed above include the complete training material in the package like instructions and flags required to train the dogs. Without proper training, your dog will keep receiving shocks repeatedly, which can result in negative behavior. So before putting a transmitter into real action, train your dog for every aspect, and let him know how to obey the flags/boundary limits.

It’s you who can teach your dog that why he is getting negative stimulation; the negative association should be related to the boundary limit. It was easy but time taking. Here is a video that will make clear how to train small dogs.

Final Words

Wireless electric dog fences are getting attraction day after day. The majority of Americans own small and medium-sized dogs, so manufacturers are focusing on the systems that can be used for small dogs. These systems are safe to use and usually do not harm dogs. 

Still, you need to stay cautious and set the transmitter securely, like a convenient place where kids cannot get access to it because kids can change the transmitter’s setting for their adventure and alter the collar setting. 

Make sure only you adjust and control the collar and transmitter. On the other side, any malfunctioning of the transmitter and collar also can result in excessive shocks, which may hurt the small dog. To avoid it, you need to check the transmitter and collar for accuracy from time to time. 

Last but not least, start from the minimum possible stimulus and change the collar’s position at the dog’s neck regularly.

We test all the above-listed systems, and we found them trustworthy to use for small dogs. You can select any one as per your requirement of distance coverage and budget. 

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