Zelers Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent A Real or Fake Device? (Review)

An ultrasonic dog deterrent can detect the dog bark with its sensors and emit an ultrasonic high-pitched sound that humans cannot hear, but dogs can. This sound is scary for dogs, and as a result, they stop barking, but not in all cases. Often, dogs need the training to keep themselves safe from such ultrasonic sound, which helps them stay quiet.

Many manufacturers are offering the same device, and zelers is one of them. In this article, we review two of the most successful models of zelers ultrasonic dog deterrent, which are:

  1. Zelers Bark Control Outdoor Birdhouse
  2. Zelers Dog Bark Control 50 FT Range
zelers ultrasonic bark control
Zelers Bark Control Outdoor Birdhouse

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zelers ultrasonic dog deterrent
zelers new model outdoor anti barking device

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Bark Detection Technology of Zelers

Both of zelers anti banking devices are equipped with powerful and advanced microphone technology. That can detect the bark off from 50 feet away and can isolate other voices that help it to catch the right bark only. The microphone and its technology play a critical role as the right microphone detect the bark accurately and can differentiate between the bark and other sounds.

Like kids sound and bird sound when playing near the dog, if the dog bark controller gets activated on every voice, it will hard punish your dog. These are the only devices in the market that can detect a bark from 50 feet away.

Zelers microphone and its electronics are consisting of the most advanced concepts and can effectively differentiate between the dog bark and other voices. The microphone and its backend equipment only trigger the bark control correction when there is a natural bark within the range.

The bark detection technology of Zelers is effective against the bark. Even the Zelers Bark Control Outdoor Birdhouse is effective against the insect, making noise and keeping the birds quiet.

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Zelers Electronic and Ultrasonic Technology

Humans can hear the sound within the frequencies of 20Hz to 20,000 Hz. Anything above 20,000Hz is not for humans mainly.

While dogs can listen to sound up to 65,000 Hz, there is a range from 20,000 to 65,000 Hz that humans cannot hear, but dogs can hear that sound. Our review finds that Zelers above listed models emit sound approximately 40,000 Hz, which humans cannot hear, but dogs can listen to that.

Keep in mind higher frequency sounds are not pleasing once; for dogs, it’s just like loud noise that no one wants to hear. Simply it’s punishment for dogs; higher frequency means more noise.

The electronics that these devices contain are not first models; zelers reach these advanced electronics with research and improvement from model to model. Current electronics are more sophisticated that can differentiate between sounds, consume less battery, trigger the right correction, and trustworthy to run the devices for many of the coming years when in use.

How the sensitivity of zelers devices work?

Both Zelers devices are made to provide full control over the bark detection and range of correction; in fact, both are controlled with one button. If you set your device to detect the bark from 15 feet, then the bark controller delivers an effective correction up to 15 feet, which can go beyond but remain effective for 15 feet.

Zelers bark control devices which are listed above and reviewed below, comes with the four primary functions to control the operations and range with one button that are:

  1. Test Mode
  2. Low Range: up to 15 feets
  3. Middle Range: up to 30 feets
  4. High Range: up to 50 feets

You can set the range as per your requirement. As per our experience, its correction travel to more than 100 feet if there is no barrier in between, so it can be effective who are far from 50 feet range.

1. Zelers Bark Control Outdoor Birdhouse

zelers dog bark control device

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  • Harmless to pets and no effect on the human ear, humans cannot hear the ultrasonic sound.
  • Effective on all breeds and all ages dogs (dogs from above 6months of age).
  • The maximum range of 50 feet with the three adjustable levels, perfect to deal with the excessive barking of a neighbor’s dog.
  • Zelers Bark Control Outdoor Birdhouse is also an effective insect repellant, effective on territorial barkers.
  • The zelers bark control device comes in a stylish mini birdhouse that is easy to install and can be hanged anywhere.
  • Durable and waterproof, ideal for installing anywhere outdoor or indoor work in any weather condition.
  • Light and weatherproof design that works for every event that took place on its front side.
  • Depend on 1 9v battery that can last for one month during continuous operations.

2. Zelers New Model Outdoor Anti Barking Device

ultrasonic bark deterrent reviews

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  • Professional device to train your dog to stop barking, safe for humans, and use indoor or outdoor.
  • zelers new model outdoor anti-barking device also effective on insects and small animals, effective on territorial barkers.
  • It works with dogs from 6 months of age and suitable for all sizes and breeds of dogs.
  • If you are dealing with a neighbor’s dog’s accessive barking, then zelers new model outdoor anti-barking device is a solution for you.
  • Smar and small device the is designed to hide or hang, fully waterproof and weather-resistant.
  • Two-color LED light indicators for a better understanding of battery position and working.
  • Depends on 1 9v battery that lasts one and a half month during continuous operations.

You came from office and want to take some rest, but your pup planned something else and did not stop barking. Or you are dealing with the neighbour’s dog who does not quite all night when it’s your time to rest. And maybe you are in a situation where you neighbour complaints about your dog barking, and you need an effective solution.

In all of such cases, ultrasonic bark controllers are the best solution. An elite ultrasonic bark control like zelers ultrasonic dog deterrent can teach your dog or neighbor’s dog to stop barking. These devices emit high-pitched sounds inaudible sounds to humans, but that is similar to horrible noise for dogs and treated as punishment against barking. Zelers anti-barking device gives your peace in your yard.

Tips for Best Results

During our research review, we figure out that some of the best methods and tips that can make the device more effective like:

  • For best results, hand the device 4 feet high this height is ideal for dealing with small and large dogs.
  • I prefer to position its face towards your dog.
  • If you are using it for a neighbor dog, try to place it in the direction where the dog most of the time point. Can effectively detect the bark of dogs and deliver an ultrasonic correction.
  • Position it on the wall where no object cam between dog and device.
  • Please turn off the device when not in use. It also helps to save the battery or use timers.
  • Train your dog for better and maximum results.
  • A one-hour training session for one week is enough to train your dog not to bark while using zelers anti-barking device.
  • If you need to cover large are then buy additional units.
  • I prefer not to use the inside due to ultrasonic bounce.

Drawbacks and deficiencies

  • Zelers Ultrasonic devices do not work with hearing-impaired dogs.
  • It can be harmful to the human ear if it comes in direct contact from close range, do not bring your ear near the device when it’s turned on.
  • Initially, your dog may start buzzing, but that will be temporary.
  • If any barrier like a wall or rock comes between dog and device, it will not work.
  • Not effective against aggressive dogs, they may need training.
  • Every breed reacts differently to the zelers bark control, gives them time to adjust with it, and prefers to train them a little.
  • Not suitable to use with multiple dogs because well-behaved dogs also got punished with the barking dogs.
  • If there is a need to use this device indoors, prefer to use it on the first setting of 15 feet, or prefer not to use inside because the ultrasonic sound bounce differently indoor and can be dangerous for the human beings.
  • Devices are Waterproof, but they should not be submerged in water. Water enters into the microphone, which might stop working.


Sometimes it is harsh to quiet a barking dog; even most dogs do not respond to the owner when barking. In such a situation, zelers ultrasonic dog deterrent anti-barking device is the best solution. We recommend two Zelers anti banking devices; both are effective and durable.

Both Zelers ultrasonic dog deterrent is suitable for outdoor and indoor, but we recommend most the Zelers New Model Outdoor Anti Barking device. Because it is the most recent and updated version and its battery lasts for a long time. There is little difference between the price of the two, but both are made to serve you in many of the coming years.