Bonding with a Goldendoodle + 3 Things You Should Know

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Goldendoodles are all the rage right now for family-friendly dogs. They have appealing characteristics of retrievers – friendly, trainable, and loveable. The best part of the mixed poodle breed is that they don’t shed and are hypoallergenic dogs, making it great for families with allergies to still own a furry companion.

Owning a Goldendoodle does not come without some challenges. As a puppy, the dog can get attached to just one family member. They are very affectionate, though, so when they are raised in a family, they will bond with every member but be closer to just one, spending most of their time with that person.

So, how do you go about bonding with your Goldendoodle? Here is a breakdown of what you can expect with bonding and Goldendoodle behaviors, tips, and tricks to ensure a happy and healthy life together.


Early on, bonding with your new dog lays the best foundation for a healthy relationship. Puppies tend to bond quicker than older dogs, which may take some more time.

However, there are some essential things to keep in mind when developing your connection.

1. Develop Trust 

Even though you want to love and cuddle your new dog, you need to let it have some time on its own. Let it explore its new surroundings and meet the family.

Don’t rush the introductions. Socialization is important to become well-adjusted, but it needs to be gradual.

2. Understand Your Dog

Learning to read your dog’s body language is crucial to making a solid connection. Knowing what signs and symptoms to recognize in case your dog is feeling scared or threatened and working on training it so that you can diffuse any of those circumstances will be most helpful. 

As a responsible owner, you want your dog to feel comfortable and at ease. So, staying attuned to its feelings and responses in the environment aids not just your but your dog’s understanding of what is expected. 

3. Focus on Communication

Training your new dog plays a significant role in its bonding with you. Therefore, you should gain your dog’s respect in the early stages of life so that it trusts you and follows your command.

If you are unsure how to go about training your dog, you should look for some online training classes or local obedience courses you can take your dog to, so it can learn some basic commands, including sit, stay, lay down, and more.


When it comes to bonding, this particular breed does establish a connection with one favorite person. Some tips in regards to how to become that person include understanding:

  • The dog will bond with the person who gives them the most attention, typically the one around it the most during its socialization period (birth to about six months).
  • It will play favorites with a person that does all of its favorite things like giving them treats, taking it outside for walks, and playing with it.
  • Goldendoodles will bond with the person who matches their personality, which means that you have things in common, such as high energy and playfulness.

If you’re in the market for one, you can find some adorable Goldendoodle puppies for sale on Mawoo Pets. You can bond with your Goldendoodle by establishing a connection through lots of attention, training, playtime, walks, socialization, and spending time together at home.