How Long Can a Dog Live With Congestive Heart Failure?

For the peace of mind, it is essential to know How Long will my Dog Live with Congestive Heart Failure?  It can be a very scary diagnosis to receive from your vet. In reality, many large and small breeds are prone to developing this disease later in life.

What Human Food Can I Feed to my Diabetic Dog?

What human food can I feed my diabetic dog

Every human food that is high in fiber, medium in carbs & protein and caloric restriction is good for a diabetic dog. Human food plays a critical role in regulating the blood sugar in the dog, for better results it must be paired with the daily exercise and neutering your pet. We discuss the human food that diabetic dogs can eat in detail.

Is Citronella Safe For Dogs? or A Dog Repellent for Yard

is citronella safe for dogs

There is no myth in the answer of “is citronella safe for dogs”? Citronella is irritating for dogs, not the plant itself but the oil extracted from it. Oil extracted from the lemongrass used to make your dog unhappy.

What is the reason my dog suddenly start licking excessively?

dog licking excessively suddenly

licking is natural for dogs. Out of a habit, they lick their owner to taste the salty skin that is a sign of affections for domestic dogs. Dog licking excessively suddenly means he is suffering from some problem either it is behavioral or medical.

What Dosage of Pumpkin is Safe for a Dog Suffering from Diarrhea?

pumpkin dosage for dog diarrhea

You can add one to four tablespoons of pure pumpkin in each meal of your pooch to cure diarrhea (better to start with the least quantity). For small breeds, you must not cross from two tablespoons in each meal and maximum of three dosages in a day.

How to Clean Dog Teeth Without Brushing?

how to clean dog teeth without brushing

Every veterinarian will advise you to regularly brush your dog’s teeth and while keeping the teeth clean is extremely important, some sources mention number that only 1-5% of pet owners brush their dog’s teeth regularly.

What is Brushless Toothpaste for Dogs?

brushless toothpaste for dogs

You must consider brushing the puppy’s teeth regularly. Your interaction with the nasty smell is ephemeral. But on the backhand, teeth decay by bacteria poses profound threats to the health and life of the brush.

What is Best Pack and Play Dog Mattress Pads?

Pack and Play Dog mattress pads

most pet owners tend to take their dogs with them on long trips to different places. People may think that a dog can curl up or sleep anywhere, but that is not the case.

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