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can dogs eat acorns

Can Dogs Eat Acorns the Nuts of the Oak Tree?

Dogs cannot eat acorns because it contains tannins that are extremely toxic for your dog. Dogs can become terminally ill because of these nuts that are, although quite bitter; still, your dog will be tempted to munch on them if it finds it around somewhere. So, keep your dog away from this food at all costs; otherwise, your dog will have a very harsh consequence.

can dogs eat coconut oil

Can Dogs Eat Coconut Oil the Super Food of Humans?

The thing that you need to keep in mind is that just like human beings are different from another, so are dogs. Although, coconut oil is considered to be non-toxic for most of the dogs, yet some dogs may be allergic to it. That is why, when you add coconut oil to your pet’s diet, observe your dog closely enough for the next 24 hours.

Can dogs eat Cilantro

Can Dogs Eat Cilantro the Annual Herb?

Dogs are different from humans, and it is never a good idea to think of them as equals indigestion. Not only do dogs have fewer taste buds, but they also have a slow metabolism. This metabolism requires dogs to work extra time to digest vegetables, so it is necessary to take great caution.

What is an e Collar For Dogs? (Complete Guide)

An e collar is a training tool for dogs which consist of a transmitter (remote) and collar that dog wear (Receiver & Strap). It is designed to provide stimulus/feedback to dog on the right time from a distance.

Remote, it is a fully functional control of a receiver, from this device a trainer can select which type of stimulation to provide and the desired intensity, as well as customizable e collars, offer to make series of stimulation for better communication. Its consist of sophisticated electronics, software, battery, antenna, LCD, etc.

A receiver is a device that remains connected with the remote to receive command and transmit then to the dog. It consists of an antenna, battery, electronics, contact points and other hardware.

Collar strap, it needed to fix the receiver with on the neck of the dog, so the contact points can make their contact with the skin and any trigger stimulation reach to the dog effectively.

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