Dog Bed Covers: Everything Pet Parents Need to Know!

Dog Bed Covers

There is no surprise that the dog bed is a magnet for hair and dirt. Do you even know that it can harbor flea eggs and larva, ticks, and other parasites? Never forget to wash your dog’s bedding with a fragrance and dye-free detergent at least weekly or when it becomes dirty.

Why Do Dogs Sniff Cats Bums?

why do dogs sniff cats bums

While it may seem gross, there’s a reason (or several) behind this behavior. Let’s look at why dogs and cats sniff each other’s rear ends.

Why is My Dog Shedding So Much All of a Sudden?

why is my dog shedding so much all of a sudden

Find out why your dog is shedding. There are many reasons for this common but often frustrating phenomenon, all of which can be easily remedied. Here’s what to do if you notice your dog has been shedding more than usual lately.