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How Long will my Dog Live with Congestive Heart Failure (Realistic Guide)

For the peace of mind, it is essential to know How Long will my Dog Live with Congestive Heart Failure?  It can be a very scary diagnosis to receive from your vet. In reality, many large and small breeds are prone to developing this disease later in ...

My Dog isnt Eating But Acting Normal (What to Do When Your Dog Won’t Eat)

My dog isnt eating but acting normal the immediate thought is some bad mode of behavior because in medical issues dogs do not look normal but it can be a medical issue that is on its preliminary stage.

What is the Best Dry Dog Food for German Shepherds (All Life Stages)

German shepherds’ owners are always curious about what is the best dry dog food for German Shepherds? In this article, we discuss five best food that is suitable for German Shepherds to keep them healthy and active

5 Best Dog Food Recipes for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF in Dogs)

Your dog needs dog food recipes for congestive heart failure that are crafted for special needs. Remember blood circulation is an only way to circulate oxygen in the body, but congestive heart failure prevents your dog from normal breathing, it all ...

5 Best Low Fat Dog Food Brands for Pancreatitis (Pancreatitis diet for Dog)

Low Fat Dog Food Brands for Pancreatitis are crafted for dogs to recover quickly, these are limited in fats and helps to speed up the recovery process.

10 Reasons Dogs Can Eat Collard Greens (Cooked, Raw, Canned Collard)

Can dogs eat collard greens? Is a real myth, because people only discuss the disadvantages. But on the flip side, it offers a lot of benefits that you can get for your pooch while including collard green in your pooches’ diet regularly.

10 Reasons Dogs Can Have Chicken Broth (Facts of Nutritious Dog Food )

Chicken broth for dogs becoming increasingly popular nowadays among dog owners. If until now you still thinking “can dogs have chicken broth,” the clear answer is yes. Dogs can have chicken broth. Dog owners feed their pooches chicken broth because ...

5 Best Dog Food to Prevent Gas (Cost-effective solution for all breeds)

If you are experiencing this problem then its best time to change the diet of your dog, this is the reason we review and list the best dog food to prevent gas. Investing in the best and limited ingredient food is a considerable solution to the gas ...

10 Best Dog Backpack with weights (Stylish and Ruffwear)

Dog backpack with weights is the choice that offers multiple pockets to carry the water and other items; even quality backpacks come with the quick access pockets.

Is Citronella Safe For Dogs? or A Dog Repellent for Yard

There is no myth in the answer of “is citronella safe for dogs”? Citronella is irritating for dogs, not the plant itself but the oil extracted from it. Oil extracted from the lemongrass used to make your dog unhappy.