Are Shock Collars Waterproof?

Are Shock Collars Waterproof

Shock collars are an excellent tool for training dogs, but it’s essential to know if they’re waterproof. So if you want to take your little pup on a walk or swim, this article will tell you how the shock collar fares in water. 

Can I Take My Dog Hiking? (Solved & Explained!)

Can I Take My Dog Hiking

Can you take your dog hiking? Surprisingly, the answer is yes! Hiking with your pup can be a great way to bond and enjoy the outdoors together. Just make sure that you are prepared for any potential hazards that may arise on this adventure.

Which Dog Vaccines are Necessary and Which are Optional?

which dog vaccines are absolutely necessary

Are you a dog parent? If so, then you should know which vaccinations are necessary. The American Animal Hospital Association recommends that all dogs over six months have rabies and distemper vaccines. However, additional vaccine requirements depend on your pet’s lifestyle and breed.

How to Safely Wash a Dog’s Head, Face, and Ears?

How to Safely Wash a Dog’s Head, Face, and Ears

We all love our dogs. They are family members. But if you want to keep your pooch healthy and well-groomed, it is important that you properly care for the sensitive regions of his/her body – namely face, ear, eyes.

How to Make or Tie A Dog Harness Out of Rope?

How to Make or Tie A Dog Harness Out of Rope

Is your dog a puller? Do you have a small or medium-sized pup that isn’t quite ready to wear a traditional harness yet but needs some guidance? If so, this is the perfect tutorial for you! I have been making my doggie harnesses out of rope for years, and they work great.

Do Apples Cause Weight Gain and Give Diarrhea to Dogs?

do apples cause weight gain

Ever since we got our dog, Scout, he has been eating a lot and going to the bathroom more than we would like. So we started thinking about what could be causing this and found out that apples might be the culprit. It turns out that apple peels contain an ingredient called sorbitol which can cause weight gain in animals and diarrhea for some dogs.