The mother communicates with the newborn puppies through licking, and in household dogs, you can notice that puppies lick around the mother’s mouth as newborns and they retain that instinct. In dogs, it also a submissive gesture. So, in all the way, licking is natural for dogs. Out of a habit, they lick their owner to taste the salty skin that is a sign of affections for domestic dogs. Dog licking excessively suddenly means he is suffering from some problem either it is behavioral or medical.

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They are rewarded for licking

In dogs licking release endorphin that is pleasurable and even they do it because of a behavioral problem or medical problem they want comfort. It just like a human’s nail-biting that relieves stress. Always give a shut-up call and move away when you dog lick excessively, it will teach your dog a lesson that licking is not a good thing as the owner walks away.

The excessive licking reasons are grouped into two main categories the very first one is behavioral reasons, and the second is medical. Here you can check them both in-depth.

Behavioral Reasons of Sudden and excessive licking

      1. Anxiety or Boredom
      2. To sooth or calm
      3. It may be a habit
      4. Love to lick again because of taste
      5. Affection for person/animal they licking

Behavioral reasons are the most common reasons as compared to the medical reasons for excessive licking. Most of the time and with the majority of dogs, it is not a sign of serious illness, dogs may lick more to groom there self-more. Many vets and pet experience pet parents agree on a point that owners taste salty, and this is the reason dogs love to feel them. The salty taste of the owner’s skin is a sign of affection for dogs, and it’s their way to express it when owners do not give a shut-up call the licking become habit in dogs.

While on the other side, when there is no activity for the more extended period these social animals become bored. To overcome their boredom, they start licking excessively and even on shut up calls they do not stop. It can be calming and soothing, just like a massage for a human being. It’s relaxing for them, and when dog licking excessively suddenly, that means they need some comfort.

If the sudden licking becomes excessive, that might become a cause of hot spots, hair loss, irritation. Do not punish your dogs in such conditions because this activity if attached with the behavior and you need to deal it technically. Provide them alternatives to stay busy, like toys that can keep them occupied.

Trainers and vets agreed on a point that positive reinforcement training also helps to curb the excessive licking. In such training, you can reward your dog for stopping their licking especially when say leave it, and he honors your command.

It is easy to deal behavioral issue of your dog licking excessively suddenly. With just little efforts and training, you can teach your dog to control it.

dog licking excessively suddenly

Medical Reasons for excessive licking

      1. Due to unbearable pain
      2. Infection
      3. Allergies
      4. GI issues

These medical issues can become a cause of sudden excessive licking. Dogs cannot express their pain in a reasonable way like a human, so they sue other way and licking is at the top of the list. If your dog is suddenly started licking excessively and you cannot find any behavioral issue. That means he is suffering from some medical problem and its pain that cause excessive licking.

If you notice an increased licking that means your pooch is suffering from any of above listed medical issue. Sign of excessive licking can be hair loss, irritation, etc.

Due to allergies, skin and paws itch and dog start licking excessively, and it is so sudden some times. Infection also causes the same situation either it is from fungus or bacteria; it results in itchiness and dog start licking excessively.

It is natural to lick, for example to sooth our sore muscle we rub that, and same dogs do when they feel pain due to arthritis or injury. In condition your dog licking excessively suddenly you need to visit your vet to find a cure for your four-legged friend.

Final Words

Dog licking excessively suddenly is not a serious problem if it is due to behavioral reasons but if find any medical reason then consult with the vet on an immediate basis to properly diagnose the roots of the problem. We recommend avoiding your dog when start licking your excessively and it will help you to teach him the lesson not to do it again and again.


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