Is Citronella Safe For Dogs? or A Dog Repellent for Yard

As loving dog parents, we need to be very cautious while buying products for our pooches. If a product is being sold worldwide with excessive marketing, that didn’t mean it is safe for the dog. There is no myth in the answer of “is citronella safe for dogs”? Citronella is irritating for dogs, not the plant itself but the oil extracted from it. Oil extracted from the lemongrass is used to make your dog unhappy. At the same time, this is a pleasant scent for humans and used in most cosmetics due to its decent small freshly squeezed lemon. But it scares the dog at first. Its smell makes them unhappy, and in extreme conditions, when sprayed at the mouth of the dog, it brings a behavior change.

The plant citronella gets its name from the potent aroma it emits. It is an average lemongrass plan but now available in many genetically modified shapes common to use in gardens, also used for greenery a beauty.  

The dog may not be a fan of this delicious smell; this is the reason it’s used as dog repellent, so if you start thinking citronella is safe for dogs, then the answer is yes. When used in a controlled quantity, it is safe for dogs with no side effects, but on the other side, it’s not a dog repellent for the yard. It does not work in this way. It is used to stop barking and a repellent for dogs.

Is It A Dog Repellent for Yard?

Your pet may not be comfortable with this plant, but as per our research and experience, it is not competent to prevent dogs from yards; even you plant it in the yard at various places, but it did not leave any smell, so it’s hard for dogs to detect it, but dogs do not feel good when touched to this plant.

Many people believe that when you grow this plant in the yard, it will keep the dogs away, but we did not experience it. Even people are saying their dogs are comfortable with the plants and do not hesitate to visit the area where citronellas are planted so, if you think that it’s a Dog Repellent for Yard, then it’s not.

is citronella safe for dogs
Pure Natural Form of Citronella
A modified form of Citronella

Citronella oil is being used for dogs in two ways, both of these ways are considered safe for dogs and effective for humans to change the behavior of dogs.

Citronella Anti-Barking Collars

Citronella oil is ideally used in the barking collar where the scent is attached to an electronic device attached to the dog’s neck through a collar. When the electronic device detects a bark that dispenses a puff of citronella oil scent, these collars train the dogs and eventually stop barking.

But here the issue is for some of the dogs it is irritating, and punishment but some of the dogs do not bother by this scent and keep barking. So, if you plan to buy a citronella-based barking collar, then do research well on the breed of your dog.

As per our findings, if you are using this scent for training purposes, it is useful for all dogs. If you are receiving an inadequate response, you can adjust the quantity to release on the bark. But instead of training, if you use the collar regularly, it might become ineffective to your dog.

Most of these bark collars are very useful on small and medium-size dogs, while for large breeds, the scent is useful, but collars are not. The reason is puff hardly reaches the nose of dogs, and just a sneak may help them fresh again. Moreover, instead of smell when it sprayed on the face, that is more effective. Medium and small dogs are scared of it, and you can address the barking behavior in a matter of a week. Refill to these collars are available separately, so it’s not hard to get a refill.

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Citronella Provides Effective Control over Aggression and Fighting

At first, it is being used to control the barking, while on the other, it is being used as a deterrent in aggressive situations. It comes in a spray form, and you need to give a puff to the dog and spray it from a smaller distance. As soon as the dog sensed it, he will leave the place.

When dealing with an aggressive or fighting dog, a spritz of citronella amid at the nose of an angry or hostile dog may halt the altercation between dogs. It is a quick solution in such cases and can prevent a fight between a dog and can calm down a dog who becomes aggressive at your home.

It is also a safety spray like when a dog becomes angry with you and comes near to you, give him a spritz of citronella, and he will run away. It is a spray that can repel the dogs in whatever mood they are. Please keep in mind dogs; it is more effective when sprayed on the face instead of the smell’s nose.

Is Citronella Safe For Dogs?

One thing is very sure it is poisonous to dogs. Still, when it’s used in minimum quantity, it did not affect dogs’ health, Like when it is used as scent and oil in barking collar at that time, it’s not harmful, because in that spray Citronella is used in very minimum quantity. Its smell remains enough for a dog to change his behavior.

As per our findings, it is not hazardous and dangerous for the dogs because Citronella spray contains only 10% of Citronella oil that is not harmful to dogs when sprayed. The higher level may be risky, especially when dogs have any breathing issues. 

If you are still waiting for a clear answer to is citronella safe for dogs? Then it is yes when used in control quantity. All of the above-discussed products come with a reduced amount of Citronella So that products are not harmful to dogs. 

It's an oil extracted from different types of lemongrass plants, and exactly it is called Citronella Oil. Has roots in Java and Sri Lanka. The smell of this oil is unpleasant for dogs, and it's used in bark collars to stop barking and available in the shape of sprays to depress dogs' barking behavior.

When a citronella dog collar senses the barking of a dog and releases a mist to quiet the barking of the dog, the dog stop barking immediately, this is the reason citronella is considered safe and effective to stop barking as well as it's a natural extract that does not pose any threat to dogs.

Mix 4 ounces of distilled water and 4 ounces of witch hazel together with 30 drops of citronella oil in a spray bottle or in any bottle that can be used to fill the bark collar or sprayer. When your dog gets riled up and begins to bark, send a light mist of citronella spray in his direction to stop his barking. You will be amazed while seeing the results as it is too effective. 

When you are buying online we recommend you to buy from Amazon, it's best to place to buy Citronella for dogs. While buying from a physical store only buy a brand that is recommended by your vet.

Final Thoughts

It is only safe for your pooch when used in a controlled quantity, and it is advised to buy a spray for the collar and Citronella repellent from the market. Do not use Citronella oil directly in any fort that might cause a problem. We have discussed Citronella Safe For Dogs? or A Dog Repellent for Yard and all related aspects, but our research is continuing on some other aspect of Citronella; if you want to contribute or have any question clarity, then please let us know in the comments.

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