What Should You Do If Your Puppy Is Lazy All The Time? (10 Solutions)

What Should You Do If Your Puppy Is Lazy All The Time

Why Is My Puppy Acting Lazy?

When you first bring your new puppy home, they are full of energy and life. They jump around like crazy, chew on everything, and can’t seem to get enough sleep. After a few weeks (or even months), though, these antics start to fade away as their playful nature starts to taper off into laziness.

What Should You Do If Your Puppy Is Lazy All The Time?

Of course, this is totally normal for puppies! However, if the trend continues for more than a couple of months or if they’re not acting themselves in other ways, then it might be worth consulting your vet about what’s going on.

Here are some suggestions from our team that could help get them back up and moving again: 

  1. Switch to a Quality diet
  2. Try Different Toys
  3. Time Your Play Time with Their Energy Bursts
  4. Keep a Schedule
  5. Start Walks Short
  6. Introduce Jogging
  7. Try Tug-Of-War
  8. Introduce Other Dogs
  9. Provide More Comfort
  10. Let the Vet Examine

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1. Switch the diet of your puppy to keep him active

Many commercial puppy food brands are packed with sugars and starches to keep their diets delicious and appealing to your sense of smell. But, unfortunately, most dog owners don’t realize just how much sugar is in the average bag of kibble.

The American Kennel Club recommends switching to a high-quality, grain-free formula before they reach six months old. This can help them burn more energy and give you a chance to see their natural, energetic self again.

Plus, they’re packed with plenty of vitamins and nutrients that will keep your pup healthy as well!

2. Try Different Toys

Most puppies are excited to play with anything, but they start to see the same favorite toy every day after a while. Try switching up your dog’s toys so he can have fun with them again!

In fact, there are plenty of special puzzle-style toys that will keep them busy and stimulated for hours on end. These types of toys will keep your puppy occupied because they’re constantly trying to figure out how to get the treat out of the toy!

3. Time Your Play Time with Their Energy Bursts

Puppies have energy peaks and troughs throughout the day, just like we do. If you notice that your pup is more active during certain times of the day (like right after they wake up or before dinner), then try playing with them at those points!

Please do not disturb them at other times, especially it’s time for sleep.

4. Keep a Schedule

Like adults, puppies will get into a routine of their own. This makes it easier for them to predict when playtime is over and when bedtime comes around.

Instead of trying to keep your puppy active all day long, make sure you stick with one routine throughout the week! You might experience your puppy is not eating but acting normal if this is the case then definitely there is an issue with his routine.

5. Start Walks Short

If your dog is acting lazy, it might be tough for him to get into the mood to go out and walk around. So instead of trying to go on a long hike right away, take them out for short walks around your neighborhood!

Make sure that you give them plenty of playtime in between these walks, though, because they’ll need it!

6. Introduce Morning Jogging

Some dogs aren’t really built for long distance running, so you might have to ease into running with your pup. Try starting by jogging a short distance every day!

It will take some time for them to build up endurance, but they’ll become quite the runner over time!

7. Try Tug-Of-War

Tug-of-war is a great way to get your pup worked up and excited. Start by grabbing one of their favorite toys and having them tug it away from you before giving it back!

Over time, they’ll start to realize that tugging on the toy makes you play with them even more!

8. Introduce Other Dogs

Does your dog get excited when they see other dogs? Sometimes, our pups are just lonely and bored because you’re the only one home with them. Try taking them to a local doggy daycare or even let them play with another dog at your house!

This will help them burn off energy, but it will also increase their interactions with other dogs. Plus, they’ll feel that much more loved!

9. Provide More Comfort

Your puppy might become lazy due to cold or hot weather. When our pups are tired or lethargic, they want to curl up in the perfect spot and fall asleep. While this might work in the winter, try letting them curl up by a fan or air conditioner during summer.

Most dogs won’t feel like running around if their coat is covered in sweat!

Please make arrangements to keep them dry, cozy in winter, and cool in summer.

10. Let the Vet Examine Your Puppy

Your puppy might be ill! You should always take your puppy to the vet if they’re acting lethargic for an extended period of time. Your pup might be having trouble getting into a comfortable position, or they might even need medication to help them perk up again!

The best thing you can do is keep an eye on their behavior and give them a little extra love and attention.

Is It Normal For A Puppy To Not Want To Play?

It’s not normal for a puppy to want to play all day long because all puppies are different.

Some dogs will be super playful throughout their lives, while others might mellow out in their older years.

If you’re unsure if your pup is being lazy or if they really need some medical attention, then take them to the vet.

Why Is My Puppy So Sleepy?

You might find that your puppy is more active during certain parts of the day rather than others. This is completely normal, and most puppies go through time periods where they’re super tired.

In fact, you might notice them sleeping for a good part of the day! However, if your dog sleeps too much or doesn’t seem to have an energy burst at all, then you should take them to the vet.

How Do I Know If My Puppy Is Healthy?

A puppy should always get plenty of rest. If they’re lethargic, then you should take them to the vet.

If your dog is acting lazy and doesn’t seem to want to do much, you might notice that it’s harder for them to get up from a lying position. Sometimes their back legs will be wobbly, or they’ll have a hard time getting up.

If your dog is acting scattered or disoriented when they wake up, then you should most definitely take them to the vet.

Does My Puppy Need More Exercise?

Most puppies will need more exercise if they’re super hyper and not wanting to rest at all. You can try taking them out for long walks or playing with them for a few extra hours.

If your pup is acting sluggish, then they might need more rest and less exercise. Sometimes puppies need to take naps in the middle of the day, so you should try and let them do that!

Sometimes it’s easy for us to mistake our puppy’s behavior as laziness, but there might actually be something much more severe wrong with them.

Sometimes you should take your pup to the vet if their behavior seems off or they don’t want to play as much. You’ll know that it’s time for a check-up when they act lethargic and uninterested in things!

Should I Try And Make My Puppy More Active?

Your puppy should be active every day, but you won’t want to push them too hard if they’re not feeling up to it.

For example, you shouldn’t expect your pup to go on a long run with you after waking up from a nap or if they haven’t had any food in the past couple of hours.

If you’re worried about your dog’s weight, then keep an eye on their calorie intake and make sure that they get plenty of exercises.

If you have a more active breed, you should take them out for a long run every day!

Wrap Up — How Can I Make My Lazy Puppy Active?

If your dog is acting lazy, you might notice that they do not want to get up or are not playing at all. You should definitely take them to the vet if they seem lethargic, disoriented, and their back legs are wobbly.

Your puppy should be active every single day, but don’t push them too much if they’re not feeling up to it!

Make sure that your dog always has plenty of water and food available. Make sure that you take them for walks or play with them every single day.

If you have a more active breed, then take them out for long runs every single day!

Keep in mind: Your pup will be more active when they’re a puppy and not so much in their older years. This is completely normal!

Thank you for reading; I hope that this article will be helpful to you! If it was, please share it with your friends and family members. Have a good day!