Maltese vs Yorkie – Which One is Best?

Maltese vs Yorkie Which One is Best

By comparing the temperament, size, personality traits and cost of owning a dog between these two breeds, we have determined that both are great for small families. You can read our full comparison here.

Can Dog Poop Mold? (White Fuzzy Problems Solved!)

Can Dog Poop Mold

he question that has been haunting pet parents for centuries: can dog poop mold? The answer is, of course not. But the reason you might be seeing white fuzzy spots on your lawn or grass is because of what’s called “doggy doo-doo.”

How To Train A Dog Not To Run Away With A Shock Collar?

How To Train A Dog Not To Run Away With A Shock Collar

So, your new puppy keeps wandering off, and you’re sick of chasing him all around the neighborhood? Well, it may be time to invest in a shock collar! Shock collars are not for everyone, but they can work wonders on dogs who get distracted easily. This post will cover how to train your dog with a shock collar. 

My Dog Ate Moldy Food – What Do I Do? (The Solution)

I’ve heard horror stories about dogs eating expired or moldy food and ending up with many health problems like liver disease or even cancer. This is why it’s important to make sure we’re storing our dog food properly in an airtight container and out of direct sunlight so that everything stays fresh.

Dog Doors – 12 Things You Need To Know NOW!!!

Dog Doors Things You Need To Know

Dogs are like kids. They need to come and go as they please, but you want them safe at home too. A dog door can keep your pup inside or outside as needed while giving him the freedom he needs. But what should you look for when shopping around?