What Imodium Dosage is Good for Dogs with age and stages?

When faced with an upset tummy Imodium is the best choice for men and dogs but to get optimal results, you should know about the right Imodium dosage for dogs!

Imodium is a member of the opiate class of drugs, which is used to increase the general muscle tone of the small intestine and increase tonus that results in more nutrients absorption and water and less diarrhea. The tightening effect on the internal anal sphincter is also helpful, especially in dogs with fecal incontinence. You can give 0.5 mg per 10 pounds of dogs’ body weight from two to three times a day. Doe large dogs, we advise using tablets, and you can use the liquid for small/toy breeds. Keep the 8 to 12 hours interval between dosage. Imodium comes into three variant which needs to be fed differently like:

imodium dosage for dogs

Imodium liquid dosage for dogs

Imodium A-Ad contains 1 mg of loperamide for every 7.5 ml of liquid, this specification is general, and every manufacturer follows it. Concentration can be different if you are feeding a generic medicine, be sure to check the concentration and ask a vet for assistance. You can feed anywhere between 0.3 to 0.5 ml/lb. Three times a day, for the optimal results, our recommended dosage is 0.375 ml/lb. Three times a day. But with liquid, it is hard to follow the exact quantity, or an added ml will bring any side effect.

A-D Caplets and EZ Chews Imodium dosage for dogs

It comes in 2 mg caplets or chews; the right dosage is 0.5mg per 10lb of bodyweight so if your dog weighs about 40 lb. You can give one tablet to him; most vets recommend one caplet for dogs from 25lb to 50 lb. But an exact dosage can bring much better results in less time.

So we advise following the rule of 05mg per 10lb body weight.

Multi-Symptom Relief imodium dosage for dogs

It is a little bit different in formula long with loperamide. It also contains simethicone. Simethicone is safe for dogs, and you can follow the same rule 1 tablet for the dog between 25 to 40lb.

Here are some examples of Imodium dosage for dogs

A 10 lb dog – 3.75 ml or ¼ tablet

A 20 lb dog – 7.5 ml or ½ tablet

A 40 lb dog – 1 tablet (Imodium in liquid form is not advised)

A 75 lb dog – 1 and ½ tablet (Imodium in liquid form is not advised)

What happened if I doubled Imodium dosage for dogs?

Many pet parents get annoyed with their pet’s disease because, in such a stomach disease, it’s hard for dogs to retrain their poop. They make their disease time worst for owners and poop everywhere, even in the rooms, lounge, and yards. Their smelly loose stool creates a challenging cleaning situation for owners because stool contains more water it’s hard to clean.

To deal with the situation, dog owners think to double the Imodium dosage for dogs because the owner thinks it is a generic medicine, and doubling means quick results. But that is not a solution. In many cases, vets recommend giving a dose after every six hours that means 4 dosages in a day for better results. It’s not recommended if you are feeding without vet advice.

Increasing the dosage of Imodium for dogs can cause many other issues like:

  • Strong sedation
  • Anorexia
  • Hypothermia
  • Salivation
  • Slow heart rate (it can be more dangerous in senior dogs and can linger on the recovery)

Suppose the dosage reaches 2.25mg/lb. that can be life-threatening for dogs. It is hard to reach there as a 50lb dog needs to eat 57 tables to come on this level.

What if I miss giving a dose?

If you missed it and it’s just one or two hours late, give the dose as soon as possible, but if you are near the next dose, skip the dose and follow the regular schedule. The medicine remains in the body and action for a longer time, so previously if you were giving the medicine as per schedule, then missing just a single dose will not affect lessor the benefits. You can continue without worry and follow the schedule.

Some time pet parents consider increasing the next dosage that is a ridiculous decision. Just follow the normal schedule.

Invest on equipment, pill cutter and syringes

The right dosage can bring better results and give the right dosage. You need syringes and pill cutters. Without these, the right quantity is not possible. So, invest a little in these two items can help you feed the exact dosage of Imodium.

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